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The Phono-Graphix® reading method has been proven 98% effective at addressing reading problems at any age or ability level, with average gains of over 2 years in word reading and 4 years in word decoding. Phono-Graphix is research-based, developmentally appropriate, simple, concrete, powerful, and affordable.

2013 marked our 20th year of service to children ~ we look forward to another 20 years of providing children with the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of literacy and learning!

A letter from Erin Duncan, the new owner of Phono-Graphix Reading Company

An important letter from Carmen McGuinness posted on May 19, 2014

About the method

Phono-Graphix® is remarkably straightforward and sensible, encouraging its popularity among teachers and parents since 1993. It has been successfully utilized in classrooms, clinics, pull-out and RTI programs, bilingual and ESL programs, Waldorf and Montessori schools, pre-schools, home-schools, speech and language pathology practices, volunteer literacy projects and adult literacy programs.

Content is based on the nature of the English code as described by linguists. Instruction progresses from the sound to the symbol.

Lessons employ the requisite three skills to access such a code, as understood within the field of neuroscience: segmenting, blending, and phoneme manipulation.

Because our clientele are children, the above is taught in keeping with the way children learn through paired association embedded in engaging and straightforward lessons.

Lessons are error-less - every response which doesn't produce a meaningful answer becomes a highly teachable moment which does.

Memory networks are laid down through multiple bidirectional instruction: sound to symbol/symbol to sound, and each response is reinforced by accuracy.

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