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Downloadable Worksheets

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Testing and Management

90 Minute Free Talk

90 Minute Talk Handout 1 - Blending Techniques

90 Minute Talk Handout 2 - Buddy Reader

Sound Mapping Sheet

Sound Picture Master

Sound Targeting Master

Diagnostic Test - recording sheet

Code Knowledge Test - Key

Code Knowledge Test - Cue Card

Blending Test - Key

Segmenting Test - Key

Phoneme Manipulation Test - Key

Diagnostic Test - Composite Score

Diagnostic Test - Directions

Scope and Sequence - New/Emerging Readers

Scope and Sequence - Intervention and/or Grades 1-3 Instruction

Color photo stimulus pictures for Word Construction Puzzles

Affirmations for Error Corrections Flyer

Parent Support Books Flyer

Pink Level

Fat Cat Sat Bingo 1

Fat Cat Sat Bingo 2

Fat Cat Sat Bingo 3

Fat Cat Sat Initial Sound

Fat Cat Sat Final Sound

Fat Cat Sat Vowel Sound

Fat Cat Sat Word Building

Fat Cat Sat Spelling

Fat Cat Sat Word Reading

Fat Cat Sat Reading List

Bug on Jug Bingo 1

Bug on Jug Bingo 2

Bug on Jug Bingo 3

Bug On Jug Initial Sound

Bug On Jug Final Sound

Bug On Jug Vowel Sound

Bug On Jug Word Building

Bug On Jug Spelling

Bug On Jug Word Reading

Bug On Jug Reading List

Ben Bun Bingo 1

Ben Bun Bingo 2

Ben Bun Bingo 3

Ben Bun Initial Sound

Ben Bun Final Sound

Ben Bun Vowel Sound

Ben Bun Word Building

Ben Bun Spelling

Ben Bun Word Reading

Ben Bun Reading List

Pink Level Stories

Mad Cat Story

Missing Cat Story

Fun in the Sun Story

Blue Level

VCC Vowel Sound

VCC Final Sound

VCC Medial Sound

VCC Word Building

VCC Spelling

VCC Reading

VCC Reading List

CVCC Final Sound

CVCC Vowel Sound

CVCC Internal Sound

CVCC Word Building

CVCC Spelling

CVCC Reading

CVCC Reading List

CCVC Initial Sound

CCVC Vowel Sound

CCVC Internal Sound

CCVC Word Building

CCVC Spelling

CCVC Reading

CCVC Reading List

The Trip Story

The Gift Story

Camp Man Story

Spog and Trog Story

Stan's Plant Story

CCVC Final Sound

CVCC Initial Sound

Purple Level (Intro to Advanced Code)

sh word building

k word building

oe word building

ee word building

ae word building

sh mapping

ch mapping

th mapping

qu mapping

er mapping

k mapping

x mapping

ow mapping

ee mapping

e mapping

a-e mapping

oy mapping

oo mapping

u mapping

oul mapping

i-e mapping

o-e reading and mapping

Purple Level (Advanced Code)

oe read and map

ow read and map

vowel + e

ow overlap

er read and map

r read and map

ee read and map

e read and map

ae read and map

ea overlap

oo read and map

oul read and map

u read and map

ue read and map

ou overlap

ie read and map

i read and map

y overlap

o read and map

oy read and map

j read and map

s read and map

d read and map

ch read and map

k read and map

f read and map

z read and map

x read and map

w read and map

v read and map

qu read and map

l read and map

m read and map

n read and map

g read and map

Sound Targeting

sound bingo consonants

sound bingo consonants 2

sound bingo vowels

This Ship Story

The Stick Story

The Drip Story

Jack Rat Story

Fox Trap Story

The Coach Story

Jake and Kate Story

The Cloud Story

Hurt Girl Story

The Jeep Story

Jane and Blain Story

Bread Story

New Blue Boot Story

The Crook Story

Come Home Story

Spike Story

Little Owl Story

New Puppy Story

Proud of Myself Story

The Birthday Party Story

The Boat Story

The Little Mole Story

To The Doctor Story

At The Beach Story

Goats Go Slow Story

Shirl Story

Peter the Eager Eagle Story

Rainy Day Story

Lou the Moose Story

Oscar the Otter Story

Yellow Level

Multi Syllable Splitting

Multi Syllable Splitting 2

Multi Syllable Management

Multi Syllable Management 2

Multi Syllable Word Analysis

Multi Syllable Word Analysis 2

Multi Syllable Word Analysis 3

Multi Syllable Targeting

Multi Syllable Targeting 2

Multi Syllable Lists

Special Endings

Special Endings 2

Special Endings 3

All materials are protected by copyright Phono-Graphix Reading Company, 1993-2024.

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