Phono-Graphix and Language Wise Dual Certification Course

Language Wise: Building the Structures of Higher-Order Learning

Phono-Graphix's application of discovery, semantic reasoning, and movement encourages long term memory of the sound to sound picture code.

With the structures of variation and overlap in mind, students easily and naturally expand their language awareness into Language Wise lessons establishing patters for finding and using meaning.

Stand-Ins take variation into the realm of meaning

"Thomas Jefferson understood the quandary of his fellow southerners"

  • dilemma
  • plight
  • predicament

Connections extend overlap into meaning and context

What do dogs and cats have in common?

  • They both have fur

How about hairbrushes and toothbrushes?

  • The drugstore sells them both

And what about fantasy, and reality?

  • They are both kinds of stories

By teaching children to ask questions when they don't know what a word means, Word Detective teaches children to use context to uncover the meaning of words.

"Jacob wanted to annihilate his boss"   Was he happy about wanting to do it?

By applying memory enrichment techniques such as orienting and semantic orienting questions, teachers direct students' attention to sound, symbol, and meaning each step of the way, carefully guiding attention to the precise nature of what is being taught in dozens of Language Wise lessons.

Imagine a lesson where students see the big picture first, then build up the pieces themselves. Imagine a classroom where children can move while they learn. Imagine teachers asking children cued questions to personalize the work, and help them attend to and remember what they learned. Imagine that same lesson flowing naturally into a vocabulary and comprehension lesson. Imagine This materials teach the concept of variation and overlap using the principles described in the Phono-Graphix method PLUS principles derived from mind mapping, educational kineseology, and the field of memory and attention study. Using wall charts specifically designed for graphic demonstration of variation and overlap helps students gain intimacy with the concepts and skills needed for understanding the English written code. The added instructional devices of movement and decision-cued questioning encourage attention and long term memory of the code.

And just when you thought the learning was over, the wall charts and words transform into a comprehension lesson with six lessons for using the words to improve vocabulary, logical reasoning, and problem solving skills all critical to passing standarized tests required in most states.

One 50 inch x 20 inch wall chart made from high quality fabric with clear vinyl word strips for placing the words into variation pattern.

Word cards on pre-laminated cardstock, 5 inch x 2.25 inch. Including x, sh, ch, th, k, ck, o, oe, o overlap, ow, ow overlap, er, ee, ae, e, e overlap, ie, ie overlap, oo, oul, oo, oo overlap, qu, oy and more.

The lesson plans for teaching variation and overlap in the oave sounds and sound pictures, lessons for teaching using these materials, including movement patterns and questioning techniques that encourage long term memory of the code, plus lessons for using the words to improve vocabulary, logical reasoning, and problem solving skills critical to passing the standardized tests required by most states. The words and lessons in this set are suitable for mature six-year-olds through remedial.