What people are saying about Phono-Graphix

What parents have to say about Phono-Graphix

"Our 8 year old nephew was having difficulties with reading. After reading such positive feedback regarding Phono-Graphix, our family decided to travel from Virginia to attend the one week Intensive course. He is making great progress with his reading. [Our Instructor] has made a difference not only with providing him with valuable tools to assist in his reading but teaching us (Aunt, Mom and Grandmom) how to continue further training."

"As a parent, I wanted to thank you for creating such an affordable and fantastic book to teach reading. I purchased the book based on a recommendation during a training. My son, was in first grade, and he had not progressed in reading. It was becoming frustration and overwhelming. Once I started the program with him, last summer, he has made significant progress with his reading, despite his several disabilities. Among his diagnosis is oral-motor dyspraxia, ADHA, and dyslexia. He had made so much progress in the one summer, that I forced the school to continue using the program with him during the school year. The school had started him with Orton-gillingham, however, it was so language intensive, he was getting overwhelmed and confused. This program is so simple and direct that it can help any child. So, as a parent, thank you! As an educator, I hope to eventually convince my school district to pay for me to get the certification in the program."

Jessica Ging

What teachers say about using Phono-Graphix in their classrooms

"Phono-Graphix is an amazing program that helps to norm teachers in how to teach the phonetic code which has been proven to transform learning for students as young as four through adulthood. It has a 98% success rate at each level. Phono-Graphix teaches students that it is not about letter names and memorizing such, but that reading is about the sounds that are within a word. Students will learn to read by manipulating sounds and becoming masters at phoneme manipulation, segmenting, and blending. This program is engaging and highly motivating to students and provides teachers with fully scripted lesson plans for easy execution. There is also a home connection component as parents are provided with resources as well. We have seen incredible success since beginning Phono-Graphix."

Danielle Ciallella, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I have seen real progress with my students. Thank you so much."

Kristine Harris, 1st-3rd grade special ed. teacher, Bothell, Washington

What certified practitioners say about using Phono-Graphix in thier clinical practices, home-schooling, tutoring and more

"This course has been informative and fun. I have enjoyed working through the instruction and the videos. The examples of real life one-on-one instruction is my favorite part. I have been working through the program with my niece, and I have been amazed at her progress. I am looking forward to working with more students and seeing the amazing progress in their reading also."

T. Kinler, Paulina, LA

"I took the certification course a year ago and have used Phono-Graphix with my emergent readers to high schoolers everyday since. I love it and it’s been truly life-changing for so many of our clients. I've taught so many children to read (and love reading) with Phono-Graphix. It's even worked with children with global delays, who people just assumed would never read. It just takes longer."

Chris Hwang, M.A., CCC-SLP, Bethesda, Maryland

What students have to say about being taught using Phono-Graphix

"Phono-Graphix not only helped me to read, but also helped me pass my driving test! Because PG is so visual, I found it easy to remember the symbols in the driving book. My driving instructor said I was the ONLY person they had taught who knew EVERY road sign. Thank you Phono-Graphix!"

Kiran Sehmi

What our trainees say about our course

"The online course pushes you to really learn the material. I found that doing the write ups for each lesson helped me to learn the error correction processes better."

Kathleen Salinas, paraeducator, Bothell, Washington

"I would highly recommend taking Phono-Graphix training as a course. I have learned so much! I work as a reading consultant/tutor with a variety of ages from preschool to high school. This course covers material for all ages. I have seen tremendous growth with my students as I have applied these lessons, and tremendous growth in myself as I have learned new material. We should all be life long learners, and Phono-Graphix is a great tool to add to your learning toolbox. Erin Duncan has been a great mentor, and is always available to ask questions, when I needed help understanding how to use materials. It is evident that Erin really cares, and takes time to give encouraging feedback throughout the course. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the course and materials!"

Peggy Inverso, Safety Harbor, FL