What people are saying about Phono-Graphix

What parents have to say about Phono-Graphix

"I am a parent of three children, two of which struggled tremendously breaking the code to reading, particularly my 10 year old. We tried private tutors, and a myriad of programs until Phono-Graphix was introduced by a speech and language therapist. It has been the only approach to reading that has helped our child. Many thanks for creating this brilliant and logical program that is accessible to professionals and parents."

P. Nashman, Toronto, Ontario

"This course has been unspeakably useful. As a reading instructor and a member of a family with an autistic boy and an ADD/dyslexic boy, the concept that letters are pictures of sounds has been like an awakening!"

A. Herring, Chino Hills, CA

What teachers say about using Phono-Graphix in their classrooms

"I have been teaching reading since 1979 when I received my M.Ed. from Lesley University. Over the years, I have been trained in Orton-Gillingham, Wilson and Project Read. This is without a doubt the best reading program I have ever used. It moves quickly, enabling the students to build a base of letter/sound knowledge much faster than the other programs and does not require the memorization of terms or phonics rules. I highly recommend it!"

Deborah Sharples, Middleburg, VA

"Phono-Graphix makes sense. This year I have used it to teach my kindergarten students as well as first, second, and third grade students who have needed remediation. It's easy to present the lessons to all levels of learners. I find that the students are able to progress through each level with ease, and they enjoy that the program is interactive. Other programs I have used have not had a writing component. Sounding out each sound as it is written has made a huge difference in my students' ability to correctly spell words."

Michele Sanguinetti, Scotts Valley, California

What certified practitioners say about using Phono-Graphix in thier clinical practices, home-schooling, tutoring and more

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and developed a lot of confidence in my abilities to identify reading and and spelling problems. I can better understand why dyslexic children have such difficulty but know that I can help effectively with my new Phono-Graphix tools. The course has been useful but help and encouragement form other teachers and experts who use the scheme makes it come alive and make sense.I am looking forward to developing my expertise and effectiveness. Many thanks!"

A. Elliman, Surrey, UK

"I've been using this program for children with learning disabilities for the past 10 years and it has yielded 100% success rate with all of my students. I've received many appreciative feedback from my students' parents. I am glad I was introduced to this program by my former employer/mentor. I want to take this opportunity to thank the author/creator and all involved in the Phono-Graphix Reading Company."

Sarine Tan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What students have to say about being taught using Phono-Graphix

"Phono-Graphix not only helped me to read, but also helped me pass my driving test! Because PG is so visual, I found it easy to remember the symbols in the driving book. My driving instructor said I was the ONLY person they had taught who knew EVERY road sign. Thank you Phono-Graphix!"

Kiran Sehmi

What our trainees say about our course

"This method of teaching reading makes sense. The teachers I am working with this summer are very excited. They have readReading Reflex, looked over lessons and tried techniques with their students the last month. I have used many of these strategies when tutoring students 1 on 1, but was unaware of why they worked. I wish I had this program 20 years ago when I first started teaching L.D. students. Thanks!!"

Vicki Fohrman, Inverness, FL

"The course has helped me tremendously. I was not familiar with Phonographix or didn't know how to introduce the nature of the code. The materials (KIT), books, worksheets and online course allowed me to teach Phonographix. Many of my students are reading now and others are eager to continue with the activities in the book. We had fun with the sound bingo at the beginning of the year. I would recommend the course to others! THANK YOU!"

Audrey Linklater, Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan, Canada