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Testimonials - Customer feedback on the Phono-Graphix® Method

What parents have to say about Phono-Graphix

I have started implementing PG with many students, all different ages, and have found it incredibly impactful already. I love how it sets the child up for success from the beginning - something they've kids have rarely experienced before.

Lydia Harrah

I am a parent of three children, two of which struggled tremendously breaking the code to reading, particularly my 10 year old. We tried private tutors, and a myriad of programs until Phono-Graphix was introduced by a speech and language therapist. It has been the only approach to reading that has helped our child. Many thanks for creating this brilliant and logical program that is accessible to professionals and parents.

P. Nashman, Toronto, Ontario

My son and I attended for the one week intensive program. It was well worth it! My son is 7 and was a very discouraged little boy when it came to reading and eventually all of school. He has struggled with reading and recently was diagnosed LD. We just followed [the instructor's] lead and he was making progress after the first day... the results are amazing! He is smiling and laughing while reading stories to me and not crying anymore!!

Name redacted

As a parent, I wanted to thank you for creating such an affordable and fantastic book to teach reading. I purchased the book based on a recommendation during a training. My son, was in first grade, and he had not progressed in reading. It was becoming frustration and overwhelming. Once I started the program with him, last summer, he has made significant progress with his reading, despite his several disabilities. Among his diagnosis is oral-motor dyspraxia, ADHA, and dyslexia. He had made so much progress in the one summer, that I forced the school to continue using the program with him during the school year. The school had started him with Orton-gillingham, however, it was so language intensive, he was getting overwhelmed and confused. This program is so simple and direct that it can help any child. So, as a parent, thank you! As an educator, I hope to eventually convince my school district to pay for me to get the certification in the program.

Jessica Ging

What teachers say about using Phono-Graphix in their classrooms

This is a system of learning reading that is directly based on research of effective strategies. It puts students in a position of knowing and relies on what they already know of words as they are spoken to build their understanding of words as they are written. It is simple, logical and efficient for both teachers and learners.

Maya Sperkacz, Miami Beach, Florida

Phono-Graphix makes sense. This year I have used it to teach my kindergarten students as well as first, second, and third grade students who have needed remediation. It's easy to present the lessons to all levels of learners. I find that the students are able to progress through each level with ease, and they enjoy that the program is interactive. Other programs I have used have not had a writing component. Sounding out each sound as it is written has made a huge difference in my students' ability to correctly spell words.

Michele Sanguinetti, Scotts Valley, California

Great evidence-based intervention for students with reading disabilities!

Susan Etcheverry, North Battleford, Saskatchewan

This course has given me an entirely different strategy for understanding the code. The students I introduced my new learning to were thankful which made our lessons successful.

Steve Haney, elementary special education teacher in Vermont

What certified practitioners say about using Phono-Graphix in thier clinical practices, home-schooling, tutoring and more

My friend's daughter is finishing up 1st grade right now. The school's teachers, specialists, and her mother have been working with her since the beginning of 1st grade. In March, her mom talked to me about how they'd hit a brick wall. The mother was desperate. There had been little to no progress since the beginning of the year. I asked her mother if I could take a shot at it. I was just starting my PG course, and I offered the lessons for free. Her daughter was evaluated by the school in March and labeled LD. Immediately after, I starting working with her. After seven sessions, the school's reading specialist sent the mother an email in April expressing her surprise at the child's progress. She was already nearly reading at grade level. Her mother is now a paying customer of mine through the end of summer. :) And the little girl is soooo proud of herself. It was a truly sweet moment to listen to the child tell me about her school tutor's comments.

Nicole, Ott, Blacklick, OH

This course is fantastic for anyone teaching reading. It brings the task back to basics, it cuts out all the complexities of spelling rules, long and short vowels, etc. etc., and gets straight to the task. Really worthwhile! Not only do I as a tutor find this beneficial, my most difficult reluctant readers are really progressing due to Phono-Graphix.

O. McDaid, Strabane, Northern Ireland

What our trainees say about our course

This course, I think, gave me a fantastic overview of the program and gave me a vision as to how to gauge each students progress and plan for the next session. I am excited with the progress I have watched my students make and although I am not finished with their work, I have a great understanding of where we are headed. Thank you.

Audrey Mulvihill, Woodinville, WA

I enjoyed learning about the Phono-Graphix method from the online course. It is very thorough and clearly taught. I was nervous about learning something that was only going to be online but the course is very in-depth and I feel confident that I can teach the method to my students after taking this course.

Christine Hall, Charlotte, North Carolina

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